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Create engaging online courses

eLearning platform that helps your organization to create and deliver engaging online education to an unlimited audience. 

We help your organization grow with eLearning technology and advise

Develop new team skills and automate the learning processes in your organization by using the most flexible and comprehensive eLearning platform. Our experts will guide you through the entire eLearning strategy and design.


Our eLearning services will get you covered

eLearning Platform

We host your online courses so you don't have to worry about updating platforms or even get trained about technical aspects of eLeanring and teaching.

Learning Communities

We create learning communities, connecting people with the same interests and motivations to learn, teach and share in virtual learning environments.


We are experts in strategy and learning design of environments that help your teams improve performance and develop new operational skill sets.

Content Experts

We offer you the best dedicated content team, specialized in editing, producing, proof-reading, subtitling and course designing for different learing environments and platforms.

FAN eLearning Platform
live Interactions now

FAN eLearning allows you to interact with your students in many different ways

Create courses and invite participants
Track students progress

Deliver video conference classes

Evaluate and validate learning

FAN eLearning platform benefits

  1. MOBILE FRIENDLY - Students can access courses and contents from any place and at any time using their mobile devices.

  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - An intuitive solution that guides you through every step of the learning process by surfing the content and teaching resources instantly.

  3. PORTABLE - FAN eLearning Platform is based on global eLearning standards that ensure portability, flexibility and provide an easy to migrate environment.

  4. CUSTOMIZED DESIGN - The look and feel are customized to match your corporate image and design in order to ensure a consistent eLearning experience across your company. 

  5. HANDS-ON TRAINING - Training for your admins, professors, tutors and content managers. You obtain full management and control over the end-to-end eLearning process.

  6. SUPPORT - Best in class customer service and support. 95% of our clients recommend FAN eLearning based on the support process and experience.

  7. WISE ADVISE - Our experts on eLearning will guide you through techniques, tools and best practices to design more effective and highly interactive eLearning content and courses.

Flexible pricing model

Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, our specialists will customize our offer to include only the features and platform components you need.
Talk to one of our specialists and pay as you go.

By eLearning experts

We focus on developing new eLearning technology as well as enhancing and updating the best eLearning platforms in the world.  

Add a new player to your team

Whether you are a Corporate HR department or educational Institution, our team will walk with you every step of the way until you have a unique, fully customized eLearning solution that separates you from your competitors. Our goal is to become your difference.  

Delivering timely responses

We are recognized by our clients as a support oriented organization, delivering immediate responses and solutions to every platform user and creating amazing experiences among our clients. 95% of our Clients recommend FAN eLearning.

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